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  • I have created a game for Android (my first game), and on the HUD, a button of "help" that brings up a screen with an explanation. I also made sure that a single "touch" on this screen, it becomes invisible and allows the player to continue.

    My problem is: when the player is "touch" on the help screen to make it disappear, if adjacent to where to touch with your finger, below the screen, there is any key, this is accidentally pressed and the player , the output of the help screen, you see that button pressed accidentally.

    What can I do? I want that the user can read in peace the content of the help screen and can then make it disappear without accidentally interact with some aspect of the game itself.

    As always, I apologize for the bad grammar. I'm employing google translator.

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  • Problem solved. I just create a specific layout and call it when needed. Sorry for the inconvenience, but making a game by yourself, as bad, it is a difficult job for a novice.

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