How do I make a smaller game window with outside UI objects

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  • I'm wondering if there is a way to make the window area (bounds) that scrolls in my layout smaller. For example I want a screen with a UI and a small scrolling window in the middle with the game objects moving.

    The real issue is I'm trying to figure out how to keep my game objects from going under my UI.

    I have a huge image for the scrolling world but only want to show a smaller amount of it at a time while the rest of the screen has UI objects on it. Not sure if that is clear or not.

    I suppose I could use a mask to show a little of the world in the middle but not sure if scroll to behavior would keep objects centered in it.

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  • I'm assuming this has to do with interacting with objects under your ui elements rather than a visual thing... as you shouldn't be able to see your objects if there is a ui on top of them anyway.

    As long as they exist, they will be under there, so you may want to add a condition to check if there is any other UI under your mouse click/touch as well before doing the action. A UI Family would be useful for this. For example, on touched object, is NOT (right click a condition to invert) touching UI (family) - then do something.

    As for scroll to, you can use scroll to position instead of scroll to object to get an offset. For example, Scroll to PlayerX+100, PlayerY would give you your player offset 100 pixels to the left of center.

  • I see - good ideas thank you very much for your time.

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