'Simple' physics problem. *SOLVED*

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  • Hi, I've stumpled upon a problem that is driving me crazy and I hope you might help me with it. I don't think it's a tough one to crack. It's my first game so I'm sure it's just me missing something. And I hope I've posted this in the right place.

    I've got a few events that creates a ring around the planet I click on. As a target system. The problem is that my ship can not fly over the ring. I do not understand why the physics of the ship is colliding with the ring. The ring has no 'physics' or 'solid' behavior to it.

    To move the ship, hold down left-mouse to turn the ship. Then press '1' to apply force to the ship once it's angled towards the mouse.

    Press spacebar to stop the ship.

    To target something, just left-click either the planet or the square sun.

    **EDIT** The 8 Direction Movement is not supposed to be a behavior on the player. **EDIT**

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  • Try this tutorial

    Thanks for your time, but nothing in that thread really solves anything. It does not explain why my ship can not fly over the created object 'Target'. I've even tried removing all the behaviors on the 'Target', but nothing changes.

    The planets are working just fine. So I really don't understand why I can not fly over 'Target' as I can do with the planets.

  • Event 11: You stop the ship moving when it's close to the target.

  • Event 11: You stop the ship moving when it's close to the target.

    Wow...Thanks alot! I must have forgotten to put the Autopilot group to Not Active. Such a silly misstake.

    Thanks again! ^^

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