How do I do simple math? SOLVED

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  • Hello everyone,

    So about 2 weeks ago, I started using construct 2, wondering my way through tutorials, and the prebuild games to learn...

    And today when Helping my niece and nephew with math, I remembered a old math racing game I used to play when I was young... (I won't mention the name...)

    So I pulled out construct 2 (since original version still costs WAY TO MUCH) and I began to setup a simple math game...

    so I got my basics setup, but I can't do simple mathematics...

    I need to compare (Random Number 1) + (Random Number 2) to make sure it does equal what they put into the text box...

    (other math should be easy as long as I know how to do the addition)

    I've tried this with anything I can think and tried quite a bit more...

    it just seems I'm missing the button that says, "do simple math problems", it seems like CS2 should have something...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



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  • To anyone else needed this

    after a bit more looking into it, I found out, use the int() to bring in my numbers, and then a simple system compare variable was good enough...

    If you need a bit more explaining just message me...


  • Hello antares330

    Can you please explain to me how this simple mathematics works in C2. I really need this to finish my game.

    Can C2 do this:


    there are 3 variables




    I want C2 to calculate Value1 + Value2 = Value3 , where the Value1, Value2, and Value3 only between 0-9, not more not less.

    For example: An enemy is destroyed, the instance the enemy is destroyed, then all the Values Value1, Value2 and Value3 is set between 0-9 but also using the equation Value1 + Value2 = Value3 at the same time

    Sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue

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