How do I make this shorter?

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  • I am sure there is a good way to make it look shorter and more smart. What should I do?

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  • You can shorten that. But the preparation wil be the same amount of work. And the event will not look that readable for the human eye

    You could make make a family containing all the particles, with a family instance variable to identify them (id = score).

    Then you can do it with two condition events and one action.

    The condition event would contain:

    • the Trigger once
    • the Car is moving
    • a system > compare two values, with in first value: right(str(score),1), and in de second value: "0"

    One sub-event on that condition

    • a system> pick by comparison with in first value:, and in the second value: score

    The action on that sub even would be

    • spawn on center camera the object family on layer 3
    • audio > play(by name) with audio file name: "hit_"&str(score)
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