Shooting bullets toward cursor WITHOUT aligning sprite

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  • I'm new to construct, so I apologize if this is a rather obvious question for those of you who are more experienced.

    I'm trying to allow the player to shoot towards the cursor, but my game's perspective is top down with a slight angle so rotating the sprite freely does not work so well. Any tips?

    I'm aiming for a mechanical movement similar to Nuclear Throne if any of you are familiar. Is there a way to cause my player to face in a cardinal direction based on where the cursor is relative to the player? (etc if cursor is between 45 and -45 degrees, use the right-facing sprites.)

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  • Uh, im completely new at this too so im not sure if this will even help, but something about the mouse aim :

    OnRightButtonClicked> "Player" Spawn "bullet" on layer 0

    "bullet" Set angle toward (Mouse.x, Mouse.y)

    this worked for me, havent got a clue about the sprite change thing though.

  • I used this same technique but I seem to be getting a weird offset issue

  • you can try with "is between angle" condition

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