Can I share or quickly duplicate layers on multiple layouts?

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  • Hello all! I'm making a small scale metroidvania platformer on mobile and I've run into some tedious busy work. So the way I'm creating the game, every layout is a small piece of the overall map(original metroid sized layouts). Each layout fades in and out into other layouts. I did this because I was having trouble clamping and smoothly scrolling cameras to very large layouts. Is this a good way to go about creating a platformer/metroidvania type game? Anyway, that's not my question. I am doing it this way and right now, it's tedious having to create the same foreground, background and UI/HUD layers for almost every layout. Is there a faster why to do this?

    I saw that that global layer option exist but it's not working for me. Maybe I'm not using it right. The manual says "If a layer's Global property is set to Yes, then every layer in the project with the same name". Right now I have every layout named differently (e.g., level 1, level 2, level 3). I can't even change the names of layouts to have the same name, it won't let me.

    Another similar question regarding working with multiple I need create and import new tilemap for every layout I add?

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  • SoI got the UI to show up across multiple Layouts. I'm going through all the layouts and all I'm doing it adding a "UI" layer. The game automatically creates the Touch UI on each layout that has a layer in it name "UI".

    Thanks for looking at my post folk! Regarding my other question, right now I have a individual tilemap for each level layout and I have all the tilemaps in one family. That way bullets, the player, enemies and whatever else reacts the tilemaps on each layout. This works fine but I feel there might have been a smoother/smarter way.

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