How do I set vertical orientatión disable on movile device?

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  • Hi, I'm working on a web game, yesterday my client asked me to make the app run in mobile devices to, she wants it for monday, I'im having some problems scaling the content(I've read some of the tutorials and manual but I understand little...I joined last month more or less), I'm using Inner scale and lanscape orientation, but it still runs portrait orientation. Is there any way to disable the portrait orientation? I have little time to let this finished so even if it isn't the most efficient way all help is wellcome.

    thank you, I will keep reading, and sorry for a so noob question.

  • I don't think there is a way to force it for everybody, some browsers don't support it I dont think.

    I think there is a way using the browser object to either disable it OR play in full screen, I will have a quick look and let you know.

  • Yeah..,. just checked, you can use the browser object to try and 'lock' the Orientation, but as far as I remember it doesn't always work for all mobiles / browsers.

  • Thanks any way, I tried but like you say in some devices it doesn't work, I'm afraid I'll have to re design some of the levels. my greatest problem is to find the proper aspect ratio for this particular level.

    Some of the questions are to long

    Anyway thank you

  • No problem, it was an issue I struggled with as well.

    The best way I have found myself is to have the canvas 640 x 480 and set it to scale outer, but obviously your needs might be different, I just found this suited most mine.

  • in fact that is my layout size, but is for mobile phones doesn't fit well. I even tried Ed's safe zones image but it doesn't work at all. My client doesn't want to pay me if it doesn't work in ALL devices...I sleep like 3 hours per day.

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  • you could try the lock orientation..

    and use a "friendly" turn your phone message for the mobiles this doesn't work for..

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