How to set Thumbnails for NWjs Apps? (Also, Task Mngr Name)

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  • Making a game that is going to be it's own application using NWjs.

    How do I change the default NWjs application symbol that appears in the taskbar and in the upper lefthand corner to something else?

    In addition to that, when you open Task Manager the application is just called "nw". How could I change the name of that to the name of the game itself?

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  • Not 100% sure, but I think you can fix this after you have exported your game, the folder where you exported it contain the images for these things, so you can just overwrite them with new ones. But you better test it since I just remember it being like that

  • If you compile your project using something like Inno Setup Compiler then you will be able to choose the application icon. If you want to remove the NW icon then you need to use resource hacker. Both of these are free and excellent programs. Having said that, I have never managed to properly replace the app icon in the top left of the game (NW) window...

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