How do I set text on layout2

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  • i try to learn from tutorial. my problem is can not crate name on layout2 .

    what wrong of my game

    this is my game


    Layout1 Event


    Global text nameOfPlayer=""

    Global text MyVar=""


    1 System On start of layout /action/ Textbox/Set text to MyVar

    Text/Set text to MyVar

    2 System Every tick /action/ Text Set text to Textbox.Text

    3 Touch On tap gesture on bottom1 /action/ System Set nameOfPlayer to Text.Text

    Text2 Set text to"Hello"&nameOfPlayer&"

    4 Touch On tap gesture on bottom2 /action/ System Go to Layout2


    Layout2 Event


    Include :Layout1 Event

    1 System On start of layout /action/ Text/Set text to " "&myvar&"&nameofplayer&"


    thankyou anyone

  • Can you post the capx so we can take a look at it?

  • Sorry beginner's cant post link.

  • Just post it without So it doesnt show as a link.

  • thank vendara this is my game

  • I'm sorry, you use some Plugins I don't use.

    So i can't open your game.

  • Sorry that’s my fault. this is new capx with out plugsins.

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  • you need to remove the extra quotes and & you have around your text strings

    wrong:set text.text= "&myvar&"&nameofplayer&"

    right:set text.text= myvar&nameofplayer

  • thankyou vendara justifun

    i got it! . now the name can show on layer2. But it have number in front of name (1nameofplayer) how i fix it.

  • the MyVar& is your number variable that you are combining with the "name of player"

    so simply make it.

    set text . text = nameofplayer

  • it done!! i try to made it simplicity . no need MyVar just only nameofplayer.

    my capx


    thank you all for kindness

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