How do I set layout size direction?

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  • Hey new to C2 ive ran into a bit of a problem and hope one of you can help.

    Right so i need to extend my layout vertically but the problem is that when i do so it extends downwards towards the bottom of the screen. I need it to extend upwards because when my player reaches a certain y position below the stage he dies, if i extend the stage downwards and move my scene problems start. Can i extend the layout size upwards?


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  • What's happening is when you add to the layout size vertically, it's adding to the Y coordinate and that means it has to add downward. What you need to do is start the game by using "scroll to position" and set coordinates. Use on "Start of Layout". Then the game will NOT start in the upper top and left. For example, assuming your layout size is 3000, 3000:

    System > On Start of Layout > System > Scroll to 1500, 1500

    This will start the game in the middle of the layout.

    Hope this helps

  • Bingo! Thanks a mill that works great. I

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