How do I set EventSheet off?

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  • Hi,

    I have a couple levels and a couple Events Sheet,

    now when I on Main Meny, other levels going in back-end...

    I mean, when I start game and don't press start in Main Meny emidiately,

    maybe 10second after I press start after that new layout loaded but game is live...

    all levels going for that 10sec...

    Where is problem?

  • post a screenshot of your event sheet. maybe the issue could be on one event sheet or a timer issue.

  • This is Event sheet of Main Many but that is nothing special.

  • Maybe I didn't get enough sleep but I have no Idea what you are saying...

    So by your title: "How to I set eventsheet off"

    I presume you are asking how to deactivate event sheet.

    Put eventsheet into a group and deactivate group then when you need to use the event sheet. Activate group.

  • Sorry for my terrible English.

    I just want to say, when I start the game first layout is Main Meny but other layouts is active to,

    like level 01 and level 02 to. And when I pres start game is already going...

    I will try that with groups.

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  • Seems you might be having the same problem as this person...

    See the end of page two of the post. They solved it by adding an invisible sprite to the level to use as a timer trigger.

    Or maybe this isn't the same problem at all? =)

  • there are too many "on start of layout" I've seen many issues because of this.

    you start..and reset the global variable, i take it these are buttons, so depending on what they click on.. they do X. put all those together. click a..go here. b do this, c

    so.. on tap of OBJECT...add appropriate ACTION.

    with each layout..they must use the main one. check that. hope it helps

  • jillhoff that is like mine problem i think.

    Remmy112 i will have these on my mind for next try

    I deleted all and start from scratch...

    Thank you for this help.

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