How do i set controls for Dogfight style game..?

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  • HI there, i am making a simple side scroller dogfight game.. The 8 way behaviour seems fine but when i am moving right along the x axis and i hit the left arrow key my image of my plane flips upside down...? I'm sure it must be to do with the 'set mirrored' action but i cant quite figure it out.. Regards.. Elliott..

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  • If you don't want your plane to face backwards you can change the direction facing in the 8-direction property to NO. This is the style of most side scroll shooters. If you want it to change facing you might have to create your own control scheme so you can get the turn animation playing like you want.

  • try adding:

    set angle to zero. (when you press right or left.)

    Hope it helps out.

  • Thanks folks..! Will give both a go... Cheers .. Elliott..

  • Still working on this, but have found that if you add the bullet behaviour and also the 8 way behaviour.. With the 8 way at a higher speed, when you press right arrow key it accelerates to that speed.. Still got issues with the controls, i think i may have to use custom controls and variables.. I think it could do with joypad also as the back arrow button is an issue when it is on the x or on the y... Would be great to have plane that looped the loop and and turn around but i think it may be a 3D thing..

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