How do I set Collision Radius

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  • Hi!

    Sorry if it was already discussed. (and for my english )

    Playing around with Physics. My task is to set Collision Mask/Circle to custom radius. less or biger than the actual sprite is. To overlap or keep at distance sprites before collision occurs.

    Could not find the option to set the Collision Mask/Circle radius value.

    Temporaly ways i found 1) create another object (sprite) (smaller or bigger) included in physics but invisible. then pin visible sprite to it for visual representation.

    2) set collision polygon to the radial shape less or bigger than sprite pixels. but i believe the radius should be faster to calculate than collision polygon.

    what is the right way to do? Thanks.

  • I don't think it matters. a sprite on top, or set the collision area bigger is the same thing. but you do have to be careful of how many points you have in your collision polygons.. I think it recommends 8 or less.

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  • you can also look into using is overlapping at offset depending on your need

  • thanks for replies!

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