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  • Hello guys

    I am working on a small drag racing game and trying to make it multiplayer via node js.

    I used a plugin called passc2value to pass engine, speed and position values between game and javascript in html and then sync to server and back.

    There are 2 cars that are movid with bullet behaviour. The problem is that when i try to set the speed of bullet for car 2 ( enemy ) it works but since it has some lag i want to also set the position every second to fix things but i have no option to set bullet traveled pixels. And if i set the object X position then the bullet behaviour stops working.

    Any ideas on how to make this work ? I want to set an object position X without stopping the bullet movement.

    Thanks in advance

  • Try setting new properties for the bullet behavior every time you change the object coordinates

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  • tryed to set enable again for bullet after setting X but no luck

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