how do i set up a battling system // layout

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  • i've been reading over examples of how to set up random monsters to fight and stuff like that using variables, but i'm not quite sure how to set up a layout to look like a pokemon battle, for example. ((its not letting me post a link but if you google pokemon battle screen you'll get the idea))

    i'm completely lost right now, i just started using construct today and i've mostly been working on graphics so im sorry if this is a rly dumb question!!! but yeah i basically just want to create an rpg style turn based battle system and i'm not sure how to set it up!! if anyone could help me that'd be fantastic ♥

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  • seems pretty basic..

    I recommend creating it without visuals first..

    first, both the player as the enemy should have a maximum health and a current health variable, this will make it possible to show a bar with the remaining health..

    I'm guessing each attack has a certain damage amount.. so when an attack is chosen this damage will be subtracted from the opponents current health.. offcourse depending on the action of the opponent..

    so something like

    player action is punch

    -- opponents action is not defence

    subtract 5 from opponent health

    -- else

    subtract 2 from player health

  • thank you so much!!!

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