How do I set animation to jump from place

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  • Here si simple project with platform game, and animation of movings.

    I have player blank sprite and player animation sprite, like in tutorial.

    When I pressed right - player moves right and played animation to right, when pressed right+jump - it's played animation to right jump etc....

    But - two problems:

    1.) When I'm standing in place and press jump - player start animation for moving, not to jump. How can my sistem detect in which direction is my sprite looking and when I'm looking in example in left and standing in place (not moving) - I want to be played animation for left jump, not walking?

    2.) I want to have prone animation and prone status of player. Now when I press down to prone - it works only in start of game, only one time. But I want that I will pressed left+down - player goes to animation "proneleft" etc...


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  • Hey, thank you very much!

    Problem is that I was doing a game from some other tutorial for animations, and now I realized that that tutorial was complex and maybe not for begginer in C2.

    But this your tutorial is very easy and I made a animations to characters with half the code

    This tutorial use only animation to one side and for other side it's a "mirrored" animation.

    But tutorial what I found, uses animation to every side etc.

    Little question, what is different in - "spawn" object and "set position to" in bullet behaviour?

    Both is good, which you prefer?

  • Hi, what exactly you want to achieve, they not the same spawn will create object and set the position will move to X or Y.

  • Bullet behaviour, I've used spawn condition.

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