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  • Hello All,

    I'm still pretty new to C2. But I have built my first game and i'm in beta testing now BUT. I am still having one issue then its ready to release. I'm making a button that just takes you to my companies facebook page. Everything I have done just isn't working for iOS for android it works great. but not apple. I have searched on fourms for a day now have found a few people asking the same thing but no response.

    This is what i'm doing now

    on click/tap > Browser > Go To> "facebook page url"

    its working for twitter, youtube, google plus but not facebook.

    I have also created a facebook app id thinking that might work and added facebook objects but still not helping. I'm really struggling with this one issue any help would be great. This is the last thing wrong with my app before i can submit to the app stores.



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  • Not really sure, but you might want to try open url in new window instead of goto url?

    Open URL in new window

    Navigate to a given URL in a new window (or tab if the browser settings override). This continues to run the HTML5 game in the old window or tab.

    Go to URL

    Navigate to a given URL. Note this uses the same window/tab as is showing the HTML5 game, so this action will end the game. The Target can be used to select which frame to redirect, which is only useful if the game is displayed within a frame (e.g. an iframe embed), and the frame has permission to redirect the parent frame (i.e. it is not sandboxed). Possible targets are:

    Self: redirect only the frame that is currently showing the game.

    Parent: redirect the parent frame.

    Top: redirect the top level frame (only different to the parent if more than one frame is used)

  • I will try that thank you.

  • I Just tried this and compiled the build and it still just opens the facebook app to your stream and doesn't direct to the facebook page. Is there another work around?

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