How do I search a particular range of an array?

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  • With arrays there just seems to be 'for each element' as a way of searching through.

    It seems inefficient and awkward that if I had an array with 100 value and I just want to search from 12 to 18, I have to set it to go through the whole thing and set up some way of counting when I'm actually inside the range I want.

    If I wanted to search from position 12 (or whatever number inside the array size) through a bunch of strings in the array until I find "<NP>", is there another way to do this apart from 'for each element'? It's for showing the instructions of the game, with <NP> signifying the end of one page of text.

  • I have an alternative that might work for you. Let's take your example and say you want to search from position 12 to 18 until you find <NP>:

    Remember you can right click the image and click 'view image' if it doesn't fit your screen.

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  • Thank you, Voulk. I think that will do it!

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