How do I Search for the NEXT occurrence of something?

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  • New to Construct 2, but loving it. This is a "search" question, and I'm having trouble searching for search (yo dawg, I heard you like to search....

    The question is, is there a NEXT search button anywhere? I have the paid version of Construct 2, and can search for some text in my event sheet, but I can't seem to find the next occurrence of that text... every search finds only the first occurrence.

    Thoughts? Is that something I'm overlooking or could be added to Construct 2 if it's not already there?


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  • I think the issue is more about how you are understanding the search in the event sheet to work. As far as I understand it, the search doesn't just take you to the first instance of the search string.

    If you do a search and look at the event sheet, all events that do not have the string you searched for are hidden. This means every event you see has an instance of the search string in it somewhere.

  • Great response FragFather! After reading that and a bit of experimentation, yes, my expectation of how this worked was wrong. I expected the Search to highlight occurrences of the search term (like one might find in a word processor). That explanation was very helpful - thanks!


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