How do I scroll further into the layout?

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  • I have made the layout bigger then default. I can play the layout well and it only shows a part of the entire layout and focus on the playable character. The PROBLEM is that after i have gone to the rigth a certain distance it stops scrolling and i can't see more of the level. I ahve found the Unbound scrolling and choosed yes but if i do that it makes everything fail when i play the level, i am not where my playable character is anymore and are just somewhere on the layout outside my level. Can anyone help me figure out how Unbound scrolling works or any other way to make the layout keep srolling to the rigth no matter how far you proceed. Don't insult me becuase i don't know much.

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  • Start with changing the layout size. It sounds like you may have built your level wider than your level dimension.

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