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  • Hello,

    I'm currently working on my first C2 game after a huge period learning JS, but I have some issues with most of complex events...

    My first game is a "Flappy bird" like, so I took the Flappy game beginner guide to start with the engine. Unfortunately, I don't know how can I set the score. My events don't do what I would like...

    the score variable is a global one:

    Can someone help me ?

  • "Is scored" can never be true as you only set it if it is true! Just move the 'Set text to score' up to event 20.

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  • Thanks you for the help. Unfortunately if i put 'set to score ' up to the event 20, the score is running but running like the demo of a the running game. What I would like is to set the score to +1 as soon as the player pass one obstacle

  • Sidji I'm not sure what you meant with that last post, but if you set the 'set text to' to event 20, and add a trigger once condition, it should solve it, shouldn't it? Also that'll make it a bit more stable, since if the character is inside the same x-coordinate for a litte while, it'll add 1 score every tick. Basically repeating the whole event

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