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  • Ok ,so i made a new game ( you must put the ball in a box) and if you put that it will add +1 at score ( initial score=10)

    i made a new global variable=0 and it work but just for 1 level how can i do to add +1 score at all levels ( every level has a layout) and if you destroy the ball you have -1 score.

    I have the latest version (stable) .

    Can anyoane give me the code for the score , how can i make to change the score at all levels?

    Thank you

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  • Ok so i publish a video on youtube to see if anyoane could resolve this problem => the problem is that from the score it substract (balls) but it dont adds them , What is the problem ? what am i dooing wrong ?

  • First, you did not post in the correct forum, so I moved your thread. You'll have better luck getting help in the technical help forum.

    Second, you do not provide a capx. By the look of the two screenshots of the same event sheet, the events should do what you seem to want.

    Third, youtube...

    Use a single event sheet, and in event 3 instead of naming "Go to Level 2" use a global variable to keep the actual level number and use it with the action "System: Go to layout (by name)".

    System: Add 1 to myLevelVariable

    System: Go to layout "Layout " & myLevelVariable

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