How Scirra know about the 5000$ ?


    It may be a stupid question, I searched on the forums if anyone has already asked and I didn't find any answers so, out of curiosity, how Scirra know when a user reach a 5000$ revenue with his game? How they know which one made 4500$ and which one 6000$? As for me, my first 500$ will be dedicated to the licence, no jokes!

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    Well the question is how much more can they sue you for if you don't pay?

    You can be fairly certain a lawyer will be more than willing to take up that cause.

    Scirra have in place certain things that they will not disclose for obvious reasons. But lets just say, they have ways... so they

    will look for you, They will find you, and they will kill Fine you.

    Honestly, the game industry isn't as big as we might think, and even if it wasn't for scirra methods of finding those who have earned more than $5000, there is an honor system, and if that doesn't appeal those wanting to dodge the system, then those games/people that generate money over $5000 get noticed pretty quick. You got nowhere to hide man

    Bottom line. You don't want to get caught. Do the right thing.

    I don't expect them to have any insight of this at all, well at least no "instant front line" defences. A game on the other hand has to be very well made if one manages to make that kind of money on it. If one does manages to make money, you'll probably be intimate with the "numerous keyboards smashed with my head" happenings during development. Couple of cracked screens here and there. What does that say about the work that was put into C2? Then giving it to the public? Affordable, easy (yet powerful), welcoming. The software itself doesn't force you to do anything you don't want and the free version is very supportive of ones starter ideas.

    It strikes me as a business that really wanted to put something out there for people, and when they started of they did not have all the funds let alone the "heavy support" to protect their idea and still proceeded and grew from there. It says something about they're state of mind. That they now can invoke powers of "term and conditions" and "Licences" and "pointing at the whipping shed for lashes" if you don't comply, goes for any software developer. In fact there are businesses less worthy out there doing a whole lot worse.

    So yeah, support good and honest businesses that care and are committed to what they've brought. In modern times that's very rare.

    This is my humble opinion however.

    If you're making $5k+ from C2. Just stop being cheap and pay a few more dollars for the Business License. Geez..

    IMO these type of questions are generally from people who probably have no intention of paying for a license in the first place and are just checking if it's safe to pirate.

    Honest people wouldn't even think of asking such a thing - or maybe I'm just from a bygone age(more than likely, given my advanced age).

    I just want to say that it isn't my intention at all to do this, really not! I didn't ask this to find any ways to bypass the system or whatever!!! I'll pay as much as required to be legit when I'll have to. Construct is a fantastic software that I'll support and long as it exist, I feel dumb to have posted the question... Sorry.

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