Scale Rate does not works if "Scale outer" is chosen?

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  • Hi everyone, here is my first question...

    I need a litte help on the following point, not for a new game but only to try to understand the basics of the system. I tried for over one hour to figure out where is my mistake, and then to search on the forum, but without success.

    I read, in the manual, that " A scale rate of 0 means the layer will always stay at 100% scale regardless of the scaling applied" - and in tutorial "Supporting multiple screen sizes": "If you also want to stop the UI layer scaling with the game, set its Scale Rate to 0 as well."

    Then I opened the example "Ghost Shooter" in C2, and changed "Fullscreen in browser" as "Scale Outer". Then I launched the game: diminishing the window's size, all the objects on the layout were scaled down. Ok, as all Layers have Scale Rate=100.

    Then I modified the Scale Rate of the layer "UID" in 0 (this layer contains only a text label with the Player's Score). I launched the game again and expected, resizing the browser window as before, to see scaled down everything but the text label. But, on the contrary, also the text is scaled down exactly as before. ?????

    Thanks for any help...

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  • I think the scale rate works with the layout scale you can set in events, not the game scale relative to the windows real size, not sure 100% though.

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