How can I save my workspace(UI position) of C2?

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  • Hi guys.

    I set my workspace of C2 (interface positions) fitted for my displays(dual monitors) and was pretty happy with it,

    but every time I restart C2, they go back to the plain(default) state.

    (among several instances of C2, I closed the adjusted one last, as I thought that would save the adjusted workspace)

    (the monitor 1 and 2)

    The adjusted position is so ideal that I want to maintain, but on the 'Preferences' dialog I couldn't find any related option(only 'reset'), so I've searched the manual, tutorials and forum but couldn't find any good help...

    I think it has something to do with registry(regedit), anyone know the way...?


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  • I would love some input on this issue too. I use 3 monitors and all "bars" keep their original positions on each monitor, but:

    • It doesn't save the way I split my main window (Layouts on the left, Event Sheets on the right).
    • Layouts and Event Sheets lose their ordering too, alphanumerical sorting would be great!
    • Also, it doesn't save the spacing (tabulation) in the code.

    All of this takes me about 3 minutes every time I open the project to get things right and start working. Is there something we can do, or will this come in an update sometimes?


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