How do I Run this on android and web?

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  • Hello,

    I have a big question. I have my domain redirecting to a apache server on my pc and it runs it in firefox from my browser okay, chrome doesn't seem to work and microsoft edge does, so that's a problem.

    Main problem is that none of my friends can run it on their browsers, just goes to a white page.

    Also It doesn't seem to run on my android phone, same thing just a white page.

    Are there settings or something I need to set in order for it to work universally, or will it not work on my phone or tablet and only in a browser on my own computer?

    Wondering why it works on my pc but not other peoples.

    My domain is linked correctly I think.

    Please help if someone knows the answer?


  • Are you able to reach a simple html file on your server via the domain name?

    Are extensions properly configured on Apache?

    Is your firewall/routing open? On you server and router.

    Can you reach it from another device on the local network, like a phone on WiFi?

  • Um Yes to most of that. I can reach it by typing in http://343.blah.blah/project/index.html.

    I can reach it through my server domain site.

    I changed my password and now cannot get into my router lol, which is stupid of me for not writing the password down, am locked out atm lol. I think maybe I left the firewall on last time I was in there.

    Not sure if Apache is configured correctly. Is there something special I need to do? It says in the log that my ID is incorrect, am not sure how to write the id. I have something like com.HallidGames.www lol. For lack of knowing what to write lol.

    It only goes to a white page from my phone.

  • Okay, got into my router and set firewalls off. Made no difference so maybe its just the ID? Or the Apache config?

  • Kastenessen

    Please don't take offence but how is this related to Construct 2? Wouldn't you be better off asking on an Apache site, for instance? Are you referring to running an exported C2 game?

  • Okay, I will do that. I am use to using unity answers and can ask many things there and get an answer.

    I am after how to write the ID in the construct 2 game properly and can't find an example that can help.

    I will go over to Apache and see what I can find about setting it up properly.

    I see there is probably a reason why questions like this are not asked here, as it isn't directly related to construct 2, even tho the information is needed in order to get this to work properly.

    It's no good to me If I can't get this to work. I was just trying to cut a corner and find a quick and easy answer here.

    Thanks you for your directions, I will continue my adventure and go and check out the Apache site.

  • It's hard to diagnose such a problem when there are many possible reasons and platforms involved.

    A white screen leads me to believe it is a server configuration issue: a routing or dns problem should give you a 404,403, or 0 error code in your browser.

    Unfortunately I am not much help with the specifics, not familiar enough with apache nor an I able to say for certain if it is an Apache issue or not. You'll probably have better luck on other forums or Google, as mentioned.

    The game works on local host, so at the least it most likely isn't a construct problem.

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  • Hey, my brother let me know what it is.

    I do not have server hosting I think.

    He said I need to host my server online I think.

    Anyway, I will try it, I have a few days to wait before I get my hosting (always waiting lol).

    So that should I hope fix the problem. Cause I am hoping to use C2 to make me an interactive/game like webpage for my small business lol. I don't like doing things with Dreamweaver or coffee cup, would much rather C2 as its just so much better.

    I will post back here again with an answer to if it works. At least if anyone else wants to do the same thing they will be able to find this post here in C2 forums, and will direct them in the right way for doing this lol.

    I am probably just a big nooby when it comes to web hosting and the such, other people may not have these problems lol.

  • Okay I am now online, Just needed a web host, then upload to the host and direct dns to the host site. Sorry for the trouble, learning can be interesting lol.

    And thanks for the help, much appreciated.

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