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  • hello i am creating an rpg game so in rpg games there were houses which you can enter in by going near house door and also come back to map throgh same door so i want to know how do i do that like getting inside house and come back to world map through the same door

  • Inside house & outside house are 2 differend layouts. So, when some condition is met (usaly overlapping some sprite while a key is pressed) goto another layout. That is the easy explination.

    But it brings some 'to do' & 'to watch for' things with it.

    You need to learn the concept of 'global' objects & variables, decide if you go with 2 event sheets or just stay with 1, etc .........

    And that al is largely coverd in the forums.

    https://www.google.be/search?q=scirra+g ... scirra.com

    This should help you to get gooing.

  • is this will work by just making my sprite "global"

  • When you make the player 'global', it will survive the layout change.

  • i want when it gets back to world map it will postion just near the door of house

  • On layout start up

    Position 'it'.

    But if player dont have to press a key ... meaning ... it kinda autotransports ... it will will inmediatly fly back.

    Unless .....

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/rasdgcm7h5na2 ... .capx?dl=0

  • I had the same question the other day and another forum member helped me it. Check it my post.

    Hope it helps! Let me know if you need zone clarification!

  • how do i make cutscenes for my rpg games plzzzz help...

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  • i dont get it how do i use global variable to position player can you be bit more descriptive...

  • hello everyone i m currently on making an rpg game and have problems:

    1. maked two layouts L1-city and L2-shop and have made a door as collision point to go from L1 to L2 but when i come back from L2 to L1 i want that my player should be postioned at same postition as it was before entering the shop ...how to do .... and also

    2. I want an npc to talk by player colliding with npc and by pressing enter the TEXT WILL APPEAR AND POSTIONED AT BOTTOM of screen PLZZZZ HELP...

  • Number 2 is already covered on the "How do I....? board. You can backwards engineer it to your purposes.

    Here's the direct link to how to do it.

  • for no.1 is instance variables can be useful i have seen in some that to use instance variables but cant able to do can anyone explain in details

  • Here's how I used global variables to position my character. Obviously ignore the things specific to my project like the fades, functions, included event sheets, etc. This should give you an idea on how to approach this. Be warned though, eventually this way of doing things broke on me when I was creating the events to go from layout 3 to layout 4. I couldn't position my character anymore. The character would automatically position itself to x 0, and y the bottom of my layout. I could add an action where I set the players layer but that broke the camera. Hope this helps.

  • If you are wanting to use the assets you are already using for the cutscenes then you just need to disable the controls while the cutscenes are going on and set events to control the character and NPCs.

    So you need an event that triggers the cutscene then event out everything you want done.

    If you mean like a video that is outside the scope of Construct (as in creating the video).

  • heyguy the link you have given and saw that and try to use that in my project but its not working ...

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