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  • I made the control settings for a character in an event sheet with all the animations etc.

    Now these are tied to the specific object "Character1". But I want to use this exact copy for Character2 as well.

    Instead of recreating and duplicating all of this, is there a way I can use the same sheet for both players?

    I want them to select a character on the character select screen, then have the same movement controls and only the sprite will change.

    I kinda want a movement sheet only that determines how things work. But not tied to an actual sprite or player.

    Seems like duplicate work otherwise.

  • Families deal with this, but you could also just use the same sprite, with different animations.

  • That is one of the frustrations I have ran into on C2 many times. They need a way to change from one sprite to another and from within a sprites frames so you don't have to create different movements events for multiple player sprites.

    You can use different animations within a sprite and the movements will still work but then you have to set up a variable to tell the movements which animations to use for different players and you are still working too hard to accomplish something that should be simple.

    Best suggestion I have is to make a duplicate of your event sheet and start changing out the sprites in the events without changing anything else. I have had to do that a few times.

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  • Added: I have a game that allows the user to choose different players. I copy just the movement controls for each player and use a Global variable to determine which player is being used.

    When a player is chosen it is created where the old player sprite is and the old player sprite is destroyed.

    Then I use OR events for my collisions that effects the objects collided with not the player sprite.

    That way your variables like score all stay the same and you just create new layouts and use one event sheet for all the layouts.

    It works well if you just need to change players inside a game.

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