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  • Hi, first thanks for taking a look into my question.

    I'm new at game development, and I'm wondering if there's any major reason not to have a layout/window size of 2560x1440. I was also wondering what the optimal configuration settings (High DPI, Downscaling type, etc) are for this resolution. I'm using smooth vector graphics.

    My game is very basic asset wise, and so far I haven't had many glaring issues in testing on mobile devices. The background is only a color, and many objects and obstacles scale organically from 1x1 px. to keep video ram usage low.

    Are there any pros to having such a large window resolution? Is it worth changing at this point? I initially set it there to accommodate android devices and desktops/tablets, and it would be a possible albeit lengthy process to resize the main graphics and change the coding accordingly at this point.

    Thank you again for reading!

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  • It depends on what platforms you're planning to release your game to.

    For example, If your game is planned for android devices, go for a lower resolution as 1440p isn't that common, only new flagship phones have that, and you don't want to aim for those only because they're not a big % of the market.

    If your assets are vector (not pixels) I'd recommend you to go with 1280x720 as that's a common resolution, and for the phones that have a different aspect ratio, you can use Fullscreen (Scale-outer/Scale-inner) depending on your game and/or preference.

    This might seem frustrating at first but after you understand how it rolls, you'll get used to it.

    Even if you're planning to release it on PC, 1440p is not ideal, yet.

    You can read some useful information about this in Ashley's tutorial. (Which I can't link, on mobile)

  • Thanks for your response elafreat! Your information has resolved my issue. I'll go with a resolution of 1280x720.

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