Resizing sprites: is there any implied resampling?

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  • Hello,

    Firstly, a big thumbs up for Construct 2, which has impressed me greatly so far.

    I'm using sprites to display image files in external folders using the load URL method of the sprite object.

    The nature of the images involved makes it very hard for me to answer my own question by visual inspection so I'd like to know:

    1) When resizing a sprite for say, the second time (to a third height/width, therefore), is the newly-sized sprite image derived from the original source image or the image created by the first resizing?

    2) When setting multiple frames of a sprite to different external images using the load URL method and electing to resize the sprite to match the dimensions of the new image, does this overall-resizing of the sprite affect the 'source image data' for the other frames?

    I set instance variables on the sprite to track the dimensions each frame would need to display the external image 1:1 and full size as per the source when i switch to it, but I'm not sure if, when the sprite is necessarily resized by the load URL method for a given frame, it interferes with the images previously inserted to other frames.

    3) Would it be a worthwhile idea to tweak the sprite object so that we could choose to create instances that don't share frame data? The implied feature of the status quo - reducing memory costs - is obviously very useful but I think it'd be just as useful to have the ability to set a sprite instance to 'solo mode', especially when working with the fairly limited tools to make use of external files.

    I'd really appreciate your insights.

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  • Been tinkering for a few hours.

    I'm pretty sure the answers are:

    1) All resizing/rescaling uses the original loaded image raster or original frame raster each time.

    2) No, original rasters of loaded images and frames are not affected by making changes in other frames.

    But my answers are based on visual inspection (using images that should give the game away).

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