Resize picture inside Construct editor or in Photoshop?

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  • Hello!

    I've been reading some tutorials and tips about how to create mobile games with good performance but I still have a small question, let's say I have one picture of 128x128px I want to use as a tile and this picture has a size of 3KB. The game will use 60x60px tiles. Is it better to:

    • use the original picture and resize it inside Construct 2 (which pretty much mantains 100% quality)


    • resize the picture to 60x60px using photoshop (the size is now 1KB but the quality is slightly worse using bilinear filter)

    I want to know which one of this methods is most efficient performance wise, or if the difference is almost none.

  • There no different at all.

    Be sure to resize it from the Image editor not from the properties bar.

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  • but between the properties bar resize and the photoshop/image editor resize, the second option is better right?

    I tried in a blank project with a random picture with the properties resize and in the debug test shows that 7mb of memory is being used. When I resize it with photoshop, the memory sed drops to 3mb or something....but with the second option sometimes there's a lot of quality loss.. I guess it's something I have to live with!

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