How do I reset "Jump" without landing?

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  • Hello all,

    I'm working on a platformer that allows double jumping and "goomba stomping/bouncing off" enemies. The double jump is using the already included double jump mechanics and work fine. For "Goomba Stomping" I use:

    +Player On Collision with Goomba

    • Player.Y < Goomba.Y -> Goomba Destroy

    Player: Set Platform vector Y to -400

    • Player.Y >- Goomba.Y -> Restart Layout

    The issue I'm having is that I'd like to be able to jump after landing on the Goomba. So far I can only activate an Double Jump after the "bounce" if I used a single jump to get on top of it. Thanks for any and all comments.

  • You'll probably have to implement your own double jumping.

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  • Turns out it was easier than I expected it to be. Here's my Solution in case anyone is interested:

    1) Add Boolean instance variable "DoubleJump (False) to Player

    2) +Player On Collision with Goomba

    • Player.Y < Goomba.Y -> Goomba Destroy

    Set Boolean "DoubleJump" to True

    Player: Set Platform vector Y to -400

    Touch: Any Touch Start


    Keyboard: Any Key Pressed

    : Player is DoubleJump -> Set Player Vector Y to -750

    Set Boolean "DoubleJump" to False

    3) Player On Landed -> Set Boolean "DoubleJump" to False

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