I repair as problem with overlap at offset

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  • hi guys

    the situation is as follows: platform game

    I have a player sprite attached to this is to detect the overlap with the ground sloping

    reproduced by detecting the overwrite desired animation, but leave the overlay animation continues playing.

    this happens when the player is moving on the floor,

    but to jump out of the sloping floor does not pass this

  • Please share your .capx file (easiest to assist with) or a picture of your events (harder to assist with) as it could be anything causing it, .

  • hello is an example

    dropbox. com/ s/ qj1igf3v1od1mbi/ example 1 . capx ? dl = 0

    remove space

  • Unfortunately the link is broken, try attaching it in your post.

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  • dropbox. com/ s/ qj1igf3v1od1mbi/ example 1 . capx ? dl = 0

    remove space

  • Ha ha, thanks. I saw you were editing your first linked post, I should reply slower, .

    It works fine for me, when walking it plays the Walk animation, when overlapping the purple slope and walking up it changes to Ramp Up, and when getting off the purple slop and walking on the platform it changes to the Walk animation again. Did I misinterpret the problem? I understand you might not be a native English speaker/writer so I'm slightly confused, sorry.

  • Walkland animation but not play as I do to play again.

    Thank you for your attention

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