How do I register multiple key presses?

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  • Specifically, I need the game to register when the A, L and K buttons are pressed but this combination of keys doesn't seem to work together. Once the A and L buttons are held down, the K won't register. Is this just an issue with my keyboard or is it global? I know there are other three-key combinations which will work but I ideally need it to be these three keys (I won't bore anyone with a long description of my game but it's a finger-twister sort of thing).

    Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I can post a capx if that helps.


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  • Thanks very much, but I'm afraid that doesn't work. If A and L are down (in the game, they need to be continuously held down for much of the time) then it will not register K being pressed or held down. Most other keys will register fine in the same circumstances.

  • That's a hardware wiring issue I think. Most keyboard don't allow more than two keystrokes at once (with the exception of ctrl, alt, shift). So pressing A, L and K at the same time isn't technically possible. I think there are keyboards that allow multiple simulatenous keystrokes but it's not standard.

  • I was hoping that wasn't the case but thanks very much for settling it for me! I'll have to work the game mechanics in a slightly different way all round as I don't want to risk some players being locked out due to their keyboards.

  • its working fine on me also what eliasfrost said non mechanical keyboards have limitations on keystrokes so you have to to think for a work around

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