How do I refresh app on iOS?

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  • This might be a question pertaining more to iOS rather than C2, but I wasn't sure where else to post it.

    I was testing an app using the iOS web app method as described in the tutorials, and after making changes to it and re-uploading it, the app still seems to be stuck in its old version. When I open the app in Safari and refresh, it updates with the newer version, but if I save to home screen, it still displays the old one for some reason. I tried deleting the icon I had added to home screen and re-adding it, but no luck. How can I "refresh" it so it plays the newer version?

  • After update, the first time you open the app (from the Home Screen), you have to wait until the new version is downloaded. This takes some time, depending on the file size. After that, you re-open it and it has to be the newest version.

  • That worked, thanks for the help!

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  • Also, there are expressions in C2 telling how much of it is downloaded (loadingprogress I think is the correct name). Which can let you normally do a "updating the game, please wait..." screen.

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