How do I reduce the CPU load for this event group?

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  • So i'm trying to have exploration take place via probes that explore, and ive made it so whenever the amount of explored units to actually translate to a explored zone is reached, it makes a variable a RNG wherein the result decides what type of zone is granted to the player.

    if im getting more than 5 zones/sec, the game falls behind and cant catch up with the exploration variables. is there a way to reduce CPU load here?

    also, the reason i have the original formula twice is so that i can keep a running total count while also sending off the amount to the random number generator section

  • Don't calculate the same thing twice! Set ExploredUnits2=ExploredUnits. Use ELSE for your DiscoveryMod checks. It will reduce the number of tests, on average, and you'll only need the <= test for all but the first one. Do you really need to test those every tick? If not, use every 0.x seconds.

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  • awesome, thanks for the info. will utilize at least 3 suggestions

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