How do I randomly choose from multiple objects?

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  • Hello.

    I'm trying to make it randomly choose from 3 text box objects. Condition System Pick seems like the best option, but it only does one object only. Is there anyway other way you can do this? I heard that you can use families, but i don't have the license yet to use it. I'm open though to use plugins and would be happy to try them out to solve this. Thanks. (Also small question. How can you say not equal to in C2? I tried the symbol and didn't work)

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  • I managed to do it using a simple sprite containing an instance variable called "Number" as a "brain" that obtained a random 1-3 via choose action and called on the box with that number in three events... the extra actions/events you see were a separate text box to bug test choose result to screen and to make the chosen text box spin around when chosen.


    [quote:bci02l6p] How can you say not equal to in C2? I tried the symbol and didn't work

    Use invert, right click the condition in the event and select the red X. It inverts the condition to a NOT state.

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