How do I use "OR" in numeric value conditions ?

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  • No idea how to word this question better.

    Basically, I am trying to make a drag and drop behavior object stick to another one, IF its frame is X or Y or Z. If its not, then return to its original position.

    I'm stuck with my condition, I don't want to make one condition for every single frame, there's like 60+ of them.

    So What should I put in the event ? Right now I have this :

    __(EVT)___Object is overlapping Slot

    __(SUB EVT)____ Animation frame = 3 or 11 or 19 or 27 or 35 (using or blocks) ====> Stick to Slot

    __(SUB EVT)____ Animation frame =/= 3|11|19|27|35 ====> return to position <= this doesn't work.

    How should I put it ?

    Thank you very much, I understand this must be a very easy answer, but I cannot figure it out, I thought using the "|" would do the trick, but it does not.

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  • System:Compare two values

    Animation frame = 3 | Animation frame = 11 | Animation frame = 27

    =Equal to


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