How to "increase" the clickable area of an object?

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  • I have "tiny" objects moving on screen and would like to make easy to click/touch them.

    My idea was to apply a mask on top of it... Is this the best way?

    Edit.: i posted something different before but the problem was just cache, it worked fine; as expected.

  • I'm not sure whether you actually still need help with this? You could just increase the actual size of the object without changing the size of the sprite, and just make sure your collision box is made to be as large as possible.

  • Thanks for your reply ultra.

    So you sayin to the object have a higher area (transparent)?

    Like a square sprite of 50x50 but the actual size being 200x200, having more 75px more area (all directions)?

    That way all collisions would be considering the transparent area too, right? I mean i want to increase only the clickable area.

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  • Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. I was thinking of the issue as sprites being too small to accurately touch on a touch screen device. If you want to increase the interactive area of a sprite but it's going to be colliding with other spites (a touchable game object, rather than a button) there are two ways to do that I can think of. The first is what you mentioned in your OP, adding a touchable object to the sprite that sets it's position to that sprite (Also, keep it in a container to help with picking and spawning). The other is to increase the bounding box size and use multiple image points and overlapping at offset to determine your collisions and set your events.

    If I'm still not understanding please let me know. Also, if this isn't helpful I might need a bit more info on what the purpose of the sprite is to think of a solution.

  • I see, thanks. Yeah i think the easiest way to achieve this would be with a helper sprite, afterall.

    Liked your second idea too, if i understood it right (lol) =P

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