How do I make a "Double-Kill" Feature

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  • So I'm making this dog fighting (airplanes not dogs ), and I would like to add a feature that could allow more than just single kills to get points. I have thought of a couple ideas, like a "No Shots Fired"(get points only by causing enemies to take each other down) bonus at the end of the game, but I really want one that could score you a couple bonus points during the game.

    What I have thought of for this is a way to score double kills, or multiple kills in a short period of time. So the what I thought I could do is add an instance variable for kills, and a global var for double kills (global just so I can add it to the final score layout). Buuuut... I couldn't find a way to track every time a value of 2 is added to kills in 1.5 seconds (trust me there's so many AI that spawn it wouldn't be toooo hard in this time period).

    If anyone could help me out with this t hat would be amazing!

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S- Lol, also, does anyone know if you can get an old license back from a dead laptop?

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  • You would use the Timer behaviour for that.

    Here is the .capx.

    Pretty self-explanatory.

    The button represents one kill.

    When a doublekill is granted, the timer resets to 1.5 giving the opportunity to score another doublekill.

    This also opens up the possibility for triple-, quad-, penta-, and-so-on-kills.

    If you need any help with the other features you want, PM me or open up another thread.

    PS: you better post that license topic under C2 general.

  • Thanks. Will check that out, and post that license thingy under C2 general.

  • About the license, dont you have it on your e-mail? Maybe you can try email Tom to get a backup.

  • Oh yeah and Cassiano and randomly, I figured out how to get my license. The website has an option to download it as a txt file. Then you just open it with Construct and voila.

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