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  • hello friends, forgive me the English.

    I would like to help me with something. I am creating a game for commercial purposes,

    and my question is about the sound, you can get free sounds in different places, but as the game is for the purpose of obtaining income, I would not have copyright issues. Then I want to know how you guys do when you put sound to your games to avoid these problems. They buy them somewhere or what? someone please clarify this to me.

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  • You can use royalty free music,

    You can contact creators of X song if you would like to use it and ask,

    You can create your own music,

    You can hire people to create music for you,


    You can't just use any music of course because then you would get copyright notices.

  • Thanks Triforce. I think to go safer and avoid problems I will review pages where they sell the sound effects. Thank you.

  • Also, you can look around the web for sites that offer free sounds/music. Some will let you use it in both non-commercial and commercial projects, as long as you give attribution: i.e. CREDIT

    Just check/double check/ triple check what the Creative Commons License is for that piece. If you can not find what the CC is anywhere on the site, assume you need to get authorization to use it. If you can use it how you want, most of the time it will say so distinctly somewhere on the site that is easy to find.

    Also, make sure to save the webpage that has the work, along with the CC license clearly stated. To cover your butt.

  • Royality Free assets are still not safe to use if you don't know the type of license. I wrote a short article about free assets and copyright rules a while ago: ... and-rules/

    You'll find there a list of some places where you can grab free assets.

    Also you may want to grab the GDC sounds pack from Sonniss:

    There's over 16GB of great quality sound files which are under public domain so you can do whatever you want with them.

  • Thanks friends, how much is learned in this forum. Aaahh, and check the page, I'm going to download the sound package to see if I can use it in my project. Thank you.

  • Hey BackendFreak looks great on your game.

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