Push a object, how I do it?

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  • Like in game Adventure of Lolo. How can I push a object.

    In image I want to push that red ball. Please what can I do in this situation?


  • You have 8 direction behavior applied?

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  • But if I insert the 8 behavior applied, will be just to move. Not to push. Right?

  • If you check out the How do I FAQ you can find elements listed like :

    [quote:278hbsu8]Player (platformer behavior) push/pull a solid box - LINK

    Which can give you a good clue.

    In case you're still stuck, post a capx of how you've already set your game so far and a clear and detailed explanation of what you are looking for to achieve.

    I'm also providing an example of a simili-football behavior. I haven't played "Lolo adventure" so I have no clue how it is supposed to behave, but according to your illustration, I bet you could use the example as a base to build upon.

    It's pretty simple and uses the 8 direction behavior on the player and the bullet behavior on the ball.

    It's far from perfect, but I hope it can get you going.

    Also, please, only use the report option for incorrect usage of the forums.

    The report option is not there to bring bad attention on yourself.

    And don't multiply the threads. Bump it after 24 hours if really you are stuck, but don't just go making a new one it adds noise to the forums.

    Also use the "Search" function of the forums, you'd be surprised what you may find by yourself.

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