How do I properly export to android and build an apk

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  • Please excuse me if I posted in the wrong place, or if I used the wrong terminology in the post below.

    I am having problems producing an adequately fast apk for android

    I tried intel xdk, I tried phonegap etc.

    When I emulated in intel xdk the game runs fine.

    But on the mobile every single method produces a very slow playing apk.

    I even tried to export one of the templates as an apk by exporting via both the Cordova and html5 option.

    Yet when I build the apk its extremely slow to run on either of my mobile devices.

    Any help will be highly appreciated

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  • What devices do you have?

  • I have the following devices:

    Htc Desire

    Htc One x

    GFive president

  • Hmm.. It' so strange that it doesn't run smooth on your htc one x...

    Have you followed the performance tips?

  • I have the same problem as you, while testing the game runs really well, but when I try to publish it runs slow

  • HTC has some strange framework in their devices - it's a common issue that many game developers face ( worse performance on HTC than Samsung for example). I have exact same issue on my game inBits - the game runs really smooth when testing over wifi, but the build one seems to be smooth but in slow-mo. I think you just have to live with it... HTC isn't going too strong nowadays anyway, so luckily it's a minority in the android device pool

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