How do I make a proper splash title screen?

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  • You all know how in most games, when you start, it's "Developer Name" > "Publisher" > "Platform" > "Title".

    I managed to pull the Scirra animation and Construct logo from the Ghost Shooter Rain Demo in the main client, but how do I copy just THOSE things and event sheets and stuff to a blank project? Or is there a way to set the defaut settings to well, default settings.

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  • You just create a layout and make it your startup layout. Then after so many seconds (Wait 10 seconds) you have it go to your next layout.

    In your case I would probably use 1 layout for the Dev Name, Publisher, Platform and just use Construct tools to animate the sprites or whatever you want to do. Then goto your title screen after the final animation is done or after so many seconds.

  • Makes sense, what about the stuff from the rain demo? Can I copy and paste it easily? The client won't let Me.

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