How do I have my project full screen?

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  • I'm creating an App (menu) Launcher for my kids laptop.

    Basically, this launcher will load up immediately at startup and the kids can pick a game from a list (this stops them clicking lots of things from the desktop!)

    I'd like the Appo Launcher to run full screen without the browser showing. I've tried the Browser plugin - 'Request Fullscreen' but I mentions that you need to 'initiate it':

    [quote:18mfl75n]Request that the browser enter fullscreen mode. Note the browser may ignore this request unless the action is in a user-initiated event, such as a mouse click, key press, touch event or button press.

    How do I get it in full screen right at the start as soon as it is run?

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  • I've tried many things and didn't work, I'm confused why on start of layout can't do it.

  • If you export to Node-Webkit with Kiosk mode enabled (available in one of the recent releases), it'll disable the maximise/minimise controls for the window. Then, use the NW object's maximise action.

    Oddly, though, Kiosk mode is meant to force fullscreen on its own, but for some reason the C2 implementation doesn't seem to do so without that event.

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