Problems with "Scroll to" system action

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  • Hi!

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but the "scroll to x,y" action doesn't seem to happen in my game. In "layout properties", if I set "unbounded scrolling" to "yes", the window moves to the layer's "parallax" values (100, 100) which I don't want. If I set "unbounded scrolling" to "no", the window moves to the middle of the layout (of course the layout is bigger than the window). In order to solve this, I had thought to make this:

    On start of the layout -> System -> Set scroll to X, Y

    This doesn't work, nothing happens. I really don't understand what is going on, because in other projects I don't have this problem. I have checked that I haven't done anything wrong in the event sheet by setting the layout's event sheet to "(none)", but the window still moves to the layer's parallax when unbounded scrolling disabled and to the middle of the layout when enabled. Project Settings are the default ones (Letterbox sclae and Portrait).

    Any clue? Thank you for your help!

    PS: I can't change Layout's Scroll X and Scroll Y properties in the debugger -once I change it, it simply returns to the old value

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  • Wow, I'm a genius... I had an object with the "Scroll To" Behaviour...

    I already solved it, I consider this topic closed.

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