Problem with touch in flappy like game!

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  • Dear Scirra Community,

    I am having trouble with making a flappy bird alike game.

    It's working very fine with keyboard and mouse object. But now i've removed those and inserted touch object because i want to make it for mobile.

    The problem is that it's not working efficiently with touch. I mean it has to take some time before sence another tab on screen. You have to wait for a certain part of the jump is complete.

    Any Help please? Plus i am also having problem with moving the object wheen screen is tilt (move object right or left depending on orientation).

    Here's a capx example:

    Again it's working perfectly fine with keyboard and mouse?

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  • Have you tried to use on "touch start" instead of "tap" and it should respond better?

  • wow!

    It's way easier than i thought and tried to solve.

    Thank you annon.

    Other problem (as mentioned above): I cannot make it go right or left depending upon the screen orientation (tilt).

    I've used:

    go right when gemma's orientation is > 8

    go left when gemma orientation is < -8

    but it's not working when i move my mobile.

    Thanks again.

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