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  • Hello I am new in the program, and have been using it during these 3 days, have several doubts, some them is reply for my account exploring the program. I have looked for the way of creating a mini scene as any game, my game is 8 directions. I want that an object moves to a point as one indicates it, but even I do not find the form. I have done that the object moves, mas does not fulfill the order to point be stopped in algun established for my. It will leave an image as reference what I say.

    I wait could help me... I want to continue using this program that meets very good, in comparison with other engines.

  • You can always climb a small capx (a file with the problem so that others can have a better view of what happens to you).


    Siempre puedes subir un pequeño capx (un archivo con el problema para que los demás puedan tener una visión mejor de lo que te ocurre).

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  • aaaa ok Already up the cap


    Ya subire el capx

  • Since them spr_ are going to go with the game, or project, up a video to protect them spr_ I wait deal.

    Since veran, the car follows his course and does not stop in the place of yellow box

    Video youtube:


    Como los spr_ van a ir con el juego, o proyecto, subire un video para proteger los spr_ espero entiendan.

    Como veran, el auto sigue su curso y no se detiene en el lugar de recuadro amarillo.

    Video en youtube:

  • Well that does this?

    Check if the distance from the car to the center point of the yellow square is less than X pixels.

    If less than X pixels put the car's speed to 0.


    Bueno por que no hace esto?

    Compruebas si la distancia desde el auto al punto central del cuadrado amarillo es menor de X pixeles.

    Si es menor de X pixeles pones la velocidad del auto a 0.

    Tendrás que usar la función distance(cuadrado.x, cuadrado.y, auto.x, auto.y).

    Eso te da la distancia que hay entre dos puntos.

  • There is no collision happening. Auto is or outside curso or overlapping curso.

    Use 'is overlapping' instead of 'on collosion'.

    Or use a behaviour that knows collisions, like bullet, or physics, or car ......

    or ....

    You might want to define 'collision' as the moment one sprite = touching another one. That is only half the story.

    A 'collision' happens when there is a push-out-of-solids happening between 2 sprites.

    To add this to the custom movement. Forget the overlap and the collision conditions. Just make auto 'push out of solids' in an 'on every tick" condition, and auto wil stop automaticaly. You have to set curso to solid for this to work.

  • There is some possibility that some spend example to me in format of reading of contruct, that is to say, a project example of what you explain. Since as novice, it is difficult to me to understand very much some terms. I remove mas with the visualization.


    hay alguna posibilidad que me pasen unos ejemplo en formato de lectura de contruct, es decir, un proyecto ejemplo de lo que explicas. Ya que como novato, me cuesta mucho entender algunos terminos. Me llevo mas con la visualizacion.

  • Esto es a lo que me refería:

    This is what meant:


  • learning


    Lo leere, gracias hermano...

  • Well, I tested on what me enviastes and this one perfect, not if you speak Spanish, but now after realizing some test I did not give in order that the object moves in the correct angle or correct direction. That is to say, the direction that not only is vertical, that the car, it follows to the point of arrival, yellow box. It looks at the video there I show what I say.




    Bueno, hice la prueba sobre lo que me enviastes y esta perfecto, no se si hablas español, pero ahora luego de realizar algunas prueba no di para que el objeto se mueva en el angulo correcto o direccion correcta. Es decir, la direccion que no solo sea vertical, que el auto, siga al punto de llegada, recuadro amarillo. Mira el video alli muestro lo que digo.



  • HOLAAA vengo agradecerles sus aportaciones... Y a decirle que he estado viendo videos y en total de horas quizas pasa los 3 o 4 dias completos en video...

    Y al fin he apredido a mi manera, no se si haiga una mas viable... Pero aqui esta mi escena .


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