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  • Hey All,

    Im trying to make a platform game but ive got some issues with my game.

    the entire game goes up and down when standing on some solid objects or jump through objects. The objects are not touching other objects but once the player jumps on them the entire games starts to shake.

    Ive tried pinning my images to standard pictures but that didnt seem to work, I hope someone can help me out its really annoying.

    kind regards,


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  • I think the player animation image points is not the same in each frame, or you have a mistake in the event's.

    If you can upload your capx, i will have a look on it.

  • Dear A0Nasser,

    its seems that i jumped to fast to the conclusion changing the origin point of the animation didnt work for me.

    Ive uploaded the capx i hope you can solve the problem.

    Thank you for you time

    Kind regards,

  • From a qick glance:

    Why are you using pin to attach the playerimage to the player? It's not needed - just use the every tick condition and set position to player.

    Playerimage doesn't need platform behavior as player already has it.

  • You have used 2 platform behavior - one for the player and the other for the playerimage : you don't need this the playerimage is only a skin, you only need the behavior for the player.

    And i fixed another bugs like the : 2 pin behavior you only need one, and the playerimage collisions points, and move the bound layout to the player.

  • Thanks alot!

  • Interesting!!!

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